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Our Executive Team

Erral Lengu


Erral Lengu is the President and engineering manager of Blue Chip, overseeing the pre-installation, installation and performance plans and specifications for commissioning and retro-commissioning of projects. In addition, Mr. Lengu is responsible for the day-to-day communication with the client and the overall coordination of all engineering trades.


Mr. Lengu has over thirteen years of electrical engineering experience. He has been responsible for coordinating the implementation and maintenance services on critical power equipment, along with planning and performing system upgrades, replacements and preventive maintenance.


Upon graduating from Polytechnic University ,Mr. Lengu worked as a field engineer servicing all mission critical clients for startup, testing and maintenance of Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems (UPS). Mr. Lengu was assigned as a dedicated field engineer to a major financial firm responsible for all projects and scheduled maintenance.

Mr. Lengu was the Chief Operating Officer at Tier 4 Critical Systems, where his knowledge in trouble-shooting skills an hands on field experience was key to numerous difficult mission critical projects. Mr. Lengu has a vast understanding of not only the critical systems as a whole but a clear knowledge of all individual components within the systems.

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Jordan Spirou


Jordan Spirou is a Operations Director for Blue Chip. Mr. Spirou has over ten years of critical power testing, maintenance, implementation and service experience. He has significant experience in maintenance on electrical equipment, along with in-depth troubleshooting of system failures and preventative maintenance planning. He is responsible for day-to-day communication with clients and coordination of Blue Chip field technicians.

Mr. Spirou received his Bachelor’s Degree from Hartwick College with majors in Accounting, Business Administration and a minor in Finance. He has over 12 years’ experience in the managerial field and has had involvement with over seven professional companies. Mr. Spirou’s managerial experiences contributes to Blue Chip Critical Systems involvement with new build-out’s and development projects for the financial district firms and data center firms. Blue Chip Critical Systems have closed out 100% of new build-outs driven by Jordan Spirou and the Blue Chip Team. Mr. Spirou is a certified thermographer and has received his Level II certification from the Infrared Training Center. His knowledge of infrared scanning has led to over 3000 hours of infrared scanning experience, while supporting over 30 facilities.

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